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Creating a new home from the ground up is an admirable task that can seem daunting to many people. However, with the right custom home builders, it’s more than possible to build your dream home without losing yourself in unbearable stress. At Perrott Brothers Construction, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best contracting services in Lawrenceville, IL and beyond. That means, no matter how big your new home construction project is, we have what you need. From reliable garage builders to quality shed construction, we have it all. Before you know it, you’ll have a new, safe home that’s absolutely perfect for your family in every way.

At Perrott, we understand that building a new home can be a difficult and involved process. Especially for beginners. That’s why we make everything as easy for you as possible. In other words, we don’t want you to lift a finger after you consult with us on your needs. We will give you a reasonable timeframe of our work and will keep you updated if anything unexpected comes up. If your new home construction project is in need of reliable, experienced professionals with an eye for detail, call and see the difference we can make.

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Custom Home Builders

No matter how big or unique you want your home to be, our contractors can follow your needs to the letter. Want a specific hallway from one area of the home to another? Want to make your home three stories? It’s done. At Perrott, our custom home builders are dedicated to your happiness. That means that we won’t leave until you’re satisfied with our work, and we’ll make sure to do everything with unmatched professionalism and reliability. In the end, a new home construction project will be much more than just a month or so of work for us. It’s your investment and a place that you’ve chosen to keep your family sheltered and happy. Our contractors simply ensure that it is treated as such.

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We offer a one-year warranty on new construction

Garage Builders

Garages are an important part of any home. In addition to keeping your car protected and secure, they also serve as a multi-functional workspace and storage area. It’s no surprise that when setting off on a new home construction project, you may want to put a little bit of thought into a new garage. The benefit of a custom home is that you can have everything built to your exact specifications. That means building your garage for as many or few cars as possible and constructing cabinets anywhere for your storage needs. Our garage builders even help to install any accessories that you may need, such as automatic openers.

Shed Construction

We have experience building a variety of homes from scratch, and that means building home accessories like sheds alongside them. While shed construction may be much less involved than homes, we still find it important to put all of the effort we can into getting them done right and the first time. Finally, you can have that storage space for all of your pool supplies or a workspace for your projects. Whatever your needs, our new home construction team will listen and do their best to bring your dream shed to life.

Building a new home can be hard. We’re here to make it easy and accessible as possible. If you have any questions or comments for our new home construction experts, you can call them at (812) 890-0361. As always, our free estimates are available to anyone. 

Wondering if we can get out to your area? Our areas of service include:

  • Lawrence County, IL
  • Knox County, IN
  • Lawrenceville, IL
  • Vincennes, IN
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We offer a one-year warranty on new construction
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Great Team The performance by you and your associates has been outstanding in every regard.
We appreciate your professionalism, your sensitivity to our needs, and your desire to achieve completed projects on time and within budget. The design capabilities you have brought to bear on our initiatives have saved us many thousands of dollars, something we also deeply appreciate!

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